ack Rats Place

Antiques and other pleasing paraphrenalia
About Us

It all started about 20 years ago.

Being a consummate bargain hunter and pack rat, I was out scavaging trophies from yard and estate sales, auctions and even great store sales. Not one to ignore a fabulous buy on something great, much to my hubby's chagrin, it all started to accumulate. In the basement, tucked in corners and even started to take over the garage. I started passing on my great buys to my friends and relatives just so things would find a good home and be appreciated.

Then there were a series of events that necessitated my helping relatives move, downsize and even to help with an estate. I had no clue what to do with some of the stuff! What would charities take, how to get it there, who takes what, how to sell something....a real learning experience! Now I know and now I have the knowledge and expertise to help other people  so they don't have to start from scratch in these processes.

Next, I fell in love with a beautiful old building in Kennett Square, PA. Drove by it often and loved the brickwork. Stopped and talked with the owners who had a much beloved plumbing business there for 37 years. The time was right and after about a year, they were ready to retire and I was ready to take on the building so that I could finally have a place for all my stuff.

After several years of careful and fun amendments to the building, we are open! It's a rabbit warren of small rooms with an ever changing array of antiques, estate finds and treasures. It has been an awesome adventure and still is! Come see!


Currently open by chance or appointment
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