ack Rats Place

Antiques and other pleasing paraphrenalia
Not only do we have for sale all sorts of goodies you will find hard to resist but we are in the business of helping you clear out your nest of all the things you have saved for your children only to find out they don't want them!!
......but someone else does and we will help you find new homes for your treasures.

We will help you decide the best place to distribute your goods and even take them there for you.
Our goal is to help you with it all...not just buy the best pieces and let you fend for yourself with the rest.
We don't think your stuff is junk. It just needs new a new home.

How many of us have kept things just because we didn't know what to do with them? Or we didn't have the time or inclination to deal with it all?

Being the ultimate pack rat has helped me learn the ropes so you don't have to!

We have all gotten to the point where we want to divest ourselves of past stuff and start fresh especially when we are faced with an empty nest. I'll help you do that and make it a friendly, pleasant experience where you will feel that you have done the best with what you have ... and feel good about it!

            Mz. Packrat

The Jan Van

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